Sunday, July 15, 2012

Diy: Sugar lip scrub


Winter's icy temperatures and too-hot heating can wreck havoc on your skin causing unsightly dryness; to keep our lips soft and kissable regular TLC is a must! Parched lips are a big no-no for not only kissing but also applying lipstick..I don't know how many times I forgo wearing my favourite shade because my lips weren't in tip-top condition.

For years my mother has used hand moisturiser and raw sugar to exfoliate her hands, a similar DIY approach can be taken to effectively exfoliate your lips.

To transform your lips from chapped to lustrous all you need is..

1 tablespoon raw sugar (white sugar also works but I prefer raw as it's rather coarse)
♥ 1 tablespoon honey
♥ 1 teaspoon vaseline

Mix together our 3 ingredients together in a small mixing bowl (add more sugar if you'd prefer a thick and grainy mixture) and apply a small fingertip amount gently to your chapped lips. Make small circular motions all over your lips until the mixture dissolves and you're done!

This super simple beauty trick works surprisingly well and takes less than 5 minutes, I do this every 3 weeks (or so) and it's become part of my regular beauty routine. The above quantity is more than enough for at least 3 scrub sessions so make sure you have a small air-tight container on hand! 

Do you have any home beauty routines you'd like to share?


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