Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paul & Joe, the purrfect addition! Beauty





I'm so excited to show these babies to you!! Who would have thought cosmetics and CATS would join forces and make me a very happy lady. (Sorry for the dark photos! Hardly any natural light in Wintery Vic ::sad face::)

I must admit although I'm not a mega beauty queen I still manage to pick up pretty comestics here and there... My friend (and the fantastically stunning) Bianka Maree from Ahoy Deer recommended I check out the UK site

Photobucket are an online retailer specialising in a large range of cosmetics (Urban Decay, bareMinerals, Too faced + more), frangrances, professional accesories and quality hair care products, but what really caught my eye was the GOREGOUS Paul & Joe cosmetics.

The limited edition, Spring 2012 Kitten collection is oh so purrfect! I had my eye on a few items since their release, but didn't really know where to start looking (see... total novice!) To my delight, I didn't have to go very far as Paul & Joe were one of the first brands advertised on my visit to BeautyBay (Click here to view their Paul & Joe range)

I purchased the blusher stick in "003 Catfight" and nail enamle in "027 Manekineko"

The attention to detail and gorgeous moulded blusher stick make this a "must have" even though I have no intention of using it.

Paul & Joe's enamle bottles are classically shaped and exude a certain flirtiness - they will definitely stand out of my nail polish stand. I love the outer packing and the hidden "miaow" on the inner lid is a nice little surprise (I appreciate little things like that!)

Have you purchased anything cute and quirky lately?


Friday, May 25, 2012

Sweet tooth - Cake pops!


Last night I made my first batch of cake pops!

Although a little time consuming and a (tad) messy they were really quite fun to make. I was really pleased with the end result (visually and yumminess wise haha!)

Cake pops are an interesting alternative to cupcakes, they are basically a ball of cake on a lollipop stick - cute hey? I took this batch of cake pops to a work morning tea and a lot of people asked "how did you make them?" "I've never had these before."

These cake pops were made from vanilla flavoured cake, mixed with pinked dyed cream cheese + icing sugar (icing sugar to taste), dipped in melted white chocolate and finished with pink sprinkles!

If you would like to make your own cake pops check out this recipe from and adapt as you wish (that's what I did! :: wink ::)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dreams don't work...

Source LuciusArt etsy

Wise words don't you agree? It's motivational posters like this that have made me stand up and realise "yep, it's now or never" - for quite some time I've wanted to pick up the blogging batton but neeeever really gotten around to it... I'd work out my blog layout but wouldn't go any further.. The next time I'd work out a posting schedule, but you guessed it.. wouldn't actually get around to writing these posts. I'd either be creatively fulfilled in other ways (not saying I'm not now) or needed more hours in the day to sit down and start blogging.

Although some may not see blogging as a "dream" it's something I would really like to absorb myself in; it will be a fantastic way to collate my inspirations, a creative outlet when I want some time away from my 9-5 design work and I hope it will eventually lead to (and document) other creative ventures I take on.

What's a dream (large or small) you've wanted to do for a long time? How do you keep motivated so you fulfil your dream?


Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello and Welcome x

Hello and welcome to my little blog of craft, design, lifestyle (and most importantly SQUIRRELS!! haha)
My name is Amy and I'm 24 years old living in regional Victoria, Australia. I spend my time hanging out with my lovely boyfriend, Mr M. (mostly at the footy and watching our fav tv shows), painting my nails, reading and dreaming of having my own craft line.


In 2009 I graduated from a Bachelor of Visual Arts - Graphic Design/Multimedia, and I am currently working as a GD for a national Pet Retailer (yep.. puppies.. LOTS of puppies) - while I unfortunately don't get to play with puppies and kittens all day (DREAM JOB!) I do get to design a lot of interesting and varied projects. My job keeps me busy 9-5 but outside those hours I absorb myself in the creative and lovely world of blogging! For a couple of years I've had the craft and blogging spark inside of me and have finally decided 2012 is the year it's going to burn bright 

I hope you find my creative findings, lifestyle ramblings and weekly squirrel updates (I am TOTALLY not joking about that) interesting and down the track, inspiring!