Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stitch n' Bitch - The Church Retro Cafe club

Introducing the newest "Stitch Bitch" on the block.. me!

The weekend before last I had the pleasure of attending my first "Stitch n' Bitch" session at a gorgeous little church-turned-vintage cafe in Ballarat (appropriately named The Church Retro cafe). 

Every second Saturday from 11am, the Church Retro cafe welcomes knitters, stitchers, crocheters (and most importantly bitches!) to come along for a morning of gossip and craft. The Retro's comfy interior, warm wood fire and friendly company is so inviting, especially during Ballarat's long Winter months, you'll end up staying there well into your afternoon. BYO needles and wool and the lovely owner Noreen (and her gorgeous and very talkative daughter, Sive) will teach you the basics of knitting and crocheting (experienced stitch mistress' welcome too). 

I've always wanted to learn to crochet but found the patterns a little daunting... During the Retro's Stitch n' Bitch I learn how to create a slip knot, hold the wool correctly and how to daisy chain.. I made a daisy chain headband and was pleased with my efforts on this basic stitch. 


I was totally inspired and wanting to nail the treble stitch, so that night I stayed up really late and learnt how to crochet a granny square by watching YouTube videos and step by step instructions. I'm a very visual person, so while "on the day" instructions are fantastic, I also need to learn the correct loops and pulls while making my own goodies.

I'm proud to say, after a few frustrating moments and a whole heap of persistence I am now able to crochet my very own granny squares yayy! Admittedly, they are a little messy and at times not exactly "square" but I  am super proud of my progress so far.

I found the Meet Me at Mikes article Granny Squares 101 extremely helpful and easy to follow. When I'm a little more advanced I will make crocheted flowers and think about making a throw rug (massive task I know!) There are many YouTube channels dedicated to crochet including the helpful, Crochet Greek.

♥ This granny stripe throw rug from The Gifted Shed is gorgeous! What an amazing mix of colours.  

 I love these crocheted flowers from Attic 24. They would be the perfect addition to a knitted headband.

  What an amazing fan ripple afgan blanket from Meet Me at Mikes

Do you crochet? How did you learn this skill and what are some of your favourite patterns?


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