Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kiss Me I'm Irish! Happy St Patrick's Day x

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Happy St Patrick's Day! 
Put on your lucky green dress, drink up & start looking for that pot of gold - it's time to celebrate! :)

♥ Modcloth, Lucky be a Lady dress
Sofies Big Day, Rainbow tassel garland

THE ICONIC, Gold glitter belt
Modcloth, 'S Marvelous heels
♥ Velvet Volcano, Sparkly rainbow necklace
♥ Love from the Oven, St Patrick's Day gold coin cupcakes
♥ Super Mum, "So Lucky" printables
Home Cooking Memories, Lime sherbert floats

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

New year, new look!

Back from the dead and with a new, fresh look! After reassessing my goals for this platform (previously, this was the main gateway for my craft business) I thought it was time to update the look, feel and function of luvfromamy to encapsulate a few of my other, "everyday" interests (such as music!)

Starting with a slight shift of branding for the luvformamy blog header...

 photo LFA-new-brand-1a.jpg

And an updated colour palette...

 photo LFA-new-brand-3.jpg

Then moving onto the functionality/reason of use: WHY do I have a blog, WHO am I writing for and WHAT other social media sites do I want to link to...

WHY do I have a blog: I initially created this blog to share inspiring craft projects and talk about my own endeavours - which... still is the case! I also found writing regularly was a nice little hobby in itself, that sounds a bit like hobby-inception (haha writting about your hobbies on a blog.. which BECOMES a hobby in its own right!) It's nice to share my interests in a digital manner and create an online diary of activities and thoughts.

WHO am I writing for: Myself... I'm sure lots of people say that but I honestly write on this blog for myself. As you would have noticed, I took about a year off from posting on here.. and while I was still quite active on twitter/instagram I really, really missed brain storming post ideas and collecting projects. The online crafting community is quite a tight-knit so if I happen to make some friends and inspire others along the way with my posts that is FANTASTIC 

WHAT other social media site do I want to link to: Pinterest, twitter and instagram are favourite social networking site; I update them fairly regularly and each has their own purpose. I've also created a tumblr account (eek! total newb and not sure if I'll get the hang of it) as it's one of the biggest micro blogging sites out there and could be handy in collecting content for my main blog (this one!)

With the above in mind it was a great chance to re-align my intentions with information I wanted to offer/hand on hand (for example.. my shop and portfolio are not ready for visitors so it seemed silly to have a link available for something I was not 100% happy with).

 photo LFA-new-brand-2.jpg
I'm pretty darn happy with my re-design.. Totally loving the black glitter background and simplified social media icons on the side bar. The navigation is simple and will continue to be so when more options become available (re-designed portfolio, about me section).

Oh, you may also have noticed I've had a hair cut haha.. Just goes to show how a little change in appearance all round can make you feel BRAND NEW! :P

I hope you like my new design and thanks for sticking around! Speak to you soon x

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My wish list - The Easter edition - 27/03

 photo Easter-Wishlist_zpsbe5471d0.jpg

Peter Alexander, Bunny fleece top$69.90
Sylvanian Families, Fawn rabbit family - $24.90
Lark, Bunny love rabbit lamp - $159
LaurasJewellery (Etsy), Polka dot rabbit brooch - $8.90

How lovely are all these?! I'd be quite happy for the Easter bunny to leave these presents for me :P haha! (THOUGH I'm sure nothing could replace Easter eggs).

The Peter Alexander bunny top would be A-MAZINGGG - I own the "mouse" velour zip up and it's terribly comfy (it's a struggle to take it off sometimes.. I could wear it to work right? Right?!) so I know the bunny top would be equally as comfortable. The floppy ears make it really quirky and I think it would suit me to a tea! :-)
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

In stitches! Intro to commercial knitwear

 photo knitwearwork_13_zps567891f7.jpg

Last week I took part in an Intro to Commercial Knitwear workshop at Kangan Institute's Fashion and Textile Hub. The 2 day workshop touched on various aspects of the commercial process including the basics such as identifying fibres (man-made and natural), textile terminology (wales & courses, cut & sew, fully fashioned, complete garment etc) and knitting techniques (jersey, all knit, intarsia etc). 

Here are some pictures from my time at Kangan... 

 photo knitwearwork_10_zpsd9ef7ee4.jpg

 photo knitwearwork_8_zps930b2389.jpg

 photo knitwearwork_9_zps39c414e7.jpg

 photo knitwearwork_2_zps5d80900a.jpg

 photo Swatch_2_zps6b5f3372.jpg

 photo Swatch_1_zps27dda38e.jpg

Above swatches 1) - 3) Use of colour with various stitch constructions 4) 5 x 3 rib on worsted wool
5) Aran stitch - used on the gorgeously ugly "cricket" style jumpers  6) 5 x 5 cable stitch

 photo knitwearwork_5_zpscb83cb03.jpg

Knitting time! This is the start of a beanie :-).. Look how fine the machines needles are; it was really quite amazing to see an item knitted so quickly with such precision on the Stoll machines.  

 photo knitwearwork_6_zps567b40a6.jpg

The final product! A lovely grey beanie with the following specs: 
 Made from a pre-designed template, using 2/30 worsted yarn
 2 x 3 rib of 20 courses (I think...!) 
 Simple jersey stitch for the remaining of the beanie 
Sectioned fashioning marks for tapering

I knew hardly any of the above jargon prior to this workshop, but now am able to spec a piece of knitwear :-) As you can see from the pictures I added a chunky pink pom pom and rhinestones to the fashioning marks.

 photo knitwearwork_4_zps25671c4d.jpg

 photo knitwearwork_3_zpsb435cfdb.jpg

Identifying gauge using the magnifying stitch counter. Then writing down stitch notations once we classified the knitting technique. 

 photo knitwearwork_1_zps85fb2a08.jpg

 photo knitwearwork_7_zps387a337e.jpg

From design >  knitting > final product. Here you can see a snippet of the Stoll machine software - understanding stitch notations is really important when formatting a design. This scarf was made using slub yarn (yarn with different thicknesses throughout) and tuck stitches to create an "open" knit.

 photo knitwearwork_11_zpsdae56130.jpg

 photo knitwearwork_12_zps4fe6cb93.jpg

To finish up the workshop we knitted this lovely scarf in my two favourite colours! :-) The silver "specialty" yarn is really sparkly under sunlight.

I learnt sooo much during the two days... Although not directly related to the luvfromamy product range it certainly has opened my eyes to the commercial space and helped broaden my skill set. I'd definitely recommend Kangan Institute and hope to take part in future workshops :-)

If you like to attend the workshop yourself, or see more course on offer take a look at Kangan Institute's website here 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The best day in the world.. Pancake Day!

Pancake Day is this coming Tuesday, the 12th of February :-) Here's some tasty inspiration!! ♥ ♥ ♥

 photo 07dfd9e4-c343-45c5-a55a-b1f14b12477f_zps65a57180.jpg

 photo Pancakes_8_zps352e835e.jpg

 photo Pancakes_4_zps7299f507.jpg

 photo Pancakes_6_zps7c589acc.jpg

 photo Pancakes_5_zps3108745d.jpg
 ♥ All images found via pinterest.. Check out my board for source links

Don't they look faaaantastic!! My personal fav is with ice-cream, strawberries and icing sugar - YUM!

How do you have your pancakes? 

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Celebrating Heartagram Day 2013

 photo HIM_1_zps6f796fcd.jpg

H.I.M Heartagram Day 2013 by luvfromamy on Grooveshark

Happy Heartagram Day fellow H.I.M fans :-)

Take a listen to the above playlist (you won't be disappointed!!)

What is Heartagram Day you ask? Reaching a worldwide fan base, this special day is dedicated to Finnish rockers H.I.M, where fans can promote and share their love/favourite songs/videos.

Formed in Helsinki during the early 90's the band have since released 7 studio albums along with various greatest hits and remix compilations. Often described as Gothic love rockers, the band penned a new genre of music simply called "Love Metal" - the band mix their heavy musical roots (inspired by Black Sabbath, Turbonegro, KISS) with rrrromantic lyrics which often detail the darker side of love.

Heartagram Day is named after H.I.M's icon logo, the Heartagram which can be seen tattooed on frontman, Ville Valo along with many fans and celebrity friends. 

My favs:
Album: Razorblade Romance & Venus Doom
 Song overall: Aahh I have too many but overall I'd have to say "Razorblade Kiss"
 Heavy song: "Venus Room" / Soft Song: "Heaven Tonight"
Lyric: "I'll write down everything I've learned. And edit it down to a single word, Love" (Plus a lot more, but this word is so strong and very "H.I.M")

Check out H.I.M's wikipedia if you'd like to learn a little more, and keep an eye on - H.I.M are currently in the process of releasing a new album (yippee!)

Now for some pics and videos! :-)

 photo HIM_2_zps4dca24b7.jpg 

 photo HIM_3_zpsf4221773.jpg 

 photo HIMgif_1_zpse70a4786.gif

 Acoustic "For You" performed on the popular Finnish music show Jyrki, 1998. I LOVE this version.. "For You" is one of my favourite song but this acoustic version blows me away. 
"Pretending" official music video off the 2001 record, Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights. This video clip is really trippy and uses a rocking dolly to give the moving illusion. DIZZY STUFF!
 "It's All Tears" from H.I.M's Digital Versatile Doom live DVD/CD. This song has a wicked bass line and really shows off Valo's vocal range (when I first heard "It's All Tears" on their first album I assumed there were two singers as I couldn't believe one could go that low and high in a sentence). This whole concert is excellent! 

Hopefully I've introduced this fantastic band to some brand new fans :-)

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