Friday, June 1, 2012

Home organisation: DIY nail polish rack

Painting my nails is a relaxing and almost rewardig process (finish the housework and you can paint your nails haha..) As my nail polish collection grew I found myself using the same colours over and over again. I had all my polishes stored in a bathroom draw piled on top of each other, with some fantastic shades never seeing the light of day... sad isn't it?? 

polish shine

When I moved I decided to set up my polishes in a neat and organised manner using a spice rack I bought from a local storage store. 

I have organised my collection in finish (sparkly, top coat), colour, Revlon scented, China Glaze crackle, then O.P.I (and my baby Essie) running along the side. Although I have run out of room it's a great way to mix up my nail routine as I can easily view and select my colours for the week.

nail polish 3

nail polish 2

nail polish 1

I quickly have to mention gorgeous little nail polish gate keepers; Penny Farthing and baby from the cute Sylvanian families! I have quite a few families so look forward to a post in the future!

If you're the more hands on type and would like to make your own displays check out the following tutorials

Dulce Candy's D.I.Y wall rack

Prettyfullz's D.I.Y tiered stand


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