Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Learn 2 Screen-print - I did and loved it!

Credit to Red Brick Gallery for this lovely image (one)

Over a year ago I had the pleasure of attending a screen-printing workshop ran by the lovely Laura Day of Learn 2 Screen-print. With over 7 years of screen-printing experience Laura's extensive knowledge and bubbly, enthusiastic personality made the class an absolute dream to attend.

I had no prior screen-printing experience but was super keen to learn a few new techniques. Laura's teaching method is very hands on and I was able to learn a lot about the screen-printing process. All materials were supplied, so all we had to bring was a head full of ideas and the patience to cut out our stencils.We applied our designs to a set of greeting cards, calico tote bag and a cushion cover.

I designed a leafy squirrel silohouette for my tote bag and cushion (I got inspirationg for the squirrel silohuette from shutterstock the night prior and took a print out to the class) and a smaller squirrel for my greeting cards.


Credit to Red Brick Gallery for snapping me in action (two)

I was super happy with my screen-printed goodies and couldn't wait to show my family and friends. It was so refreshing to get my hands a little "dirty" and channel my creativity away from the computer screen. Since the initial beginners workshop I have also attended Laura's intermidate workshop where we focused on printing on canvas (using stencils on ezy cut paper and paint loaded rollers) and I also helped develop a christmas line of greeting cards for Laura in late 2011.


Attending these workshops really opened my eyes to another avenue of the craft movement.. I'm no stitch-mistress so I was feeling a little lost with my lack of involvement... Then screen-printing came along and hooray it's right up my alley! I'm able to combine my skills in design and my desire to be more hands on.

Screen-printing is so versatile and your options are (almost) limitless. I can't wait to start printing my cusion covers (and hopefully much, much more!!) watch this space people! :: wink ::

Thanks Red Brick Gallery for image one and two. All other photos taken on my iphone.
If you would like to learn more about Laura's Learn 2 Screen-print workshops click here

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