Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Galaxy nails {video post}


This trend if everywhere at the why not have the galaxy at your fingertips ;-) 

This is my first video tutorial so it's a little blurry, a little awkward but I'm really excited to share this with you!  If you have any questions/feedback or future hints/tips please don't hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comment section :-) 

For those who would like written step-by-step instructions please see below :-)

What you'll need ♥:
♥ Selection of 'cosmic' colours:
I'm using Avon "Twilight Blue", China Glaze "Flying High", Zoya "Morgan" and Kit Cosmetic "Dive in"
♥ Craft or make-up sponge - I bought my sponge from my local Target (Pack of 32 for $5 GREAT PRICE!)
 Plastic lid or something similar to dot your lighter cosmic colours onto.

Step 1:
Paint your Galaxy background, I used my darkest shade, "Twilight blue"

Step 2:
Once your background colour is dry we can start applying the lighter cosmic colours - I started with the "Flyin' High" and gently dabbed the corner of my make up sponge in the nail polish.

Using the corner of the sponge, lightly dab against your nail to apply the nail polish. Do not cover the whole nail in this colour :-) Repeat on each nail, remember we don't want each nail to look the same so feel free to mix up the location. Keep dabbing until you are happy with the coverage. Don't worry if the nail polish is applying too thick, this will be fixed later on down the track by the constant dabbing.

Apply the remaining two colours in the same fashion as above ^ but use different corners of your make up sponge. I followed "Flying High" with "Morgan" and then used "Dive in" as the finishing colour - they look great together! 

Tip: Use the base of your make up sponge to thin out the polish - I found this to be very helpful. Let dry.

Step 3:
Add a little sparkle to your galaxy with glitter nail polishes! I used Chi Chi "Paparazzi Princess" and BYS "Silver moon" (how appropriate!) I love the mix of fine glitter from "Paparazzi Princess" and the large glitter chunks from "Silver Moon"

Ta-dah!! You now have galaxy nails :-)

Video info: I used a Canon PowerShot G12 to record and Adobe After Effects CS5 to compile (there's probably easier programs but I know how to use After Effects haha!) Music: Katy Perry E.T

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