Saturday, March 15, 2014

New year, new look!

Back from the dead and with a new, fresh look! After reassessing my goals for this platform (previously, this was the main gateway for my craft business) I thought it was time to update the look, feel and function of luvfromamy to encapsulate a few of my other, "everyday" interests (such as music!)

Starting with a slight shift of branding for the luvformamy blog header...

 photo LFA-new-brand-1a.jpg

And an updated colour palette...

 photo LFA-new-brand-3.jpg

Then moving onto the functionality/reason of use: WHY do I have a blog, WHO am I writing for and WHAT other social media sites do I want to link to...

WHY do I have a blog: I initially created this blog to share inspiring craft projects and talk about my own endeavours - which... still is the case! I also found writing regularly was a nice little hobby in itself, that sounds a bit like hobby-inception (haha writting about your hobbies on a blog.. which BECOMES a hobby in its own right!) It's nice to share my interests in a digital manner and create an online diary of activities and thoughts.

WHO am I writing for: Myself... I'm sure lots of people say that but I honestly write on this blog for myself. As you would have noticed, I took about a year off from posting on here.. and while I was still quite active on twitter/instagram I really, really missed brain storming post ideas and collecting projects. The online crafting community is quite a tight-knit so if I happen to make some friends and inspire others along the way with my posts that is FANTASTIC 

WHAT other social media site do I want to link to: Pinterest, twitter and instagram are favourite social networking site; I update them fairly regularly and each has their own purpose. I've also created a tumblr account (eek! total newb and not sure if I'll get the hang of it) as it's one of the biggest micro blogging sites out there and could be handy in collecting content for my main blog (this one!)

With the above in mind it was a great chance to re-align my intentions with information I wanted to offer/hand on hand (for example.. my shop and portfolio are not ready for visitors so it seemed silly to have a link available for something I was not 100% happy with).

 photo LFA-new-brand-2.jpg
I'm pretty darn happy with my re-design.. Totally loving the black glitter background and simplified social media icons on the side bar. The navigation is simple and will continue to be so when more options become available (re-designed portfolio, about me section).

Oh, you may also have noticed I've had a hair cut haha.. Just goes to show how a little change in appearance all round can make you feel BRAND NEW! :P

I hope you like my new design and thanks for sticking around! Speak to you soon x

 photo LFAsignature14.jpg

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