Friday, May 25, 2012

Sweet tooth - Cake pops!


Last night I made my first batch of cake pops!

Although a little time consuming and a (tad) messy they were really quite fun to make. I was really pleased with the end result (visually and yumminess wise haha!)

Cake pops are an interesting alternative to cupcakes, they are basically a ball of cake on a lollipop stick - cute hey? I took this batch of cake pops to a work morning tea and a lot of people asked "how did you make them?" "I've never had these before."

These cake pops were made from vanilla flavoured cake, mixed with pinked dyed cream cheese + icing sugar (icing sugar to taste), dipped in melted white chocolate and finished with pink sprinkles!

If you would like to make your own cake pops check out this recipe from and adapt as you wish (that's what I did! :: wink ::)


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