Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dreams don't work...

Source LuciusArt etsy

Wise words don't you agree? It's motivational posters like this that have made me stand up and realise "yep, it's now or never" - for quite some time I've wanted to pick up the blogging batton but neeeever really gotten around to it... I'd work out my blog layout but wouldn't go any further.. The next time I'd work out a posting schedule, but you guessed it.. wouldn't actually get around to writing these posts. I'd either be creatively fulfilled in other ways (not saying I'm not now) or needed more hours in the day to sit down and start blogging.

Although some may not see blogging as a "dream" it's something I would really like to absorb myself in; it will be a fantastic way to collate my inspirations, a creative outlet when I want some time away from my 9-5 design work and I hope it will eventually lead to (and document) other creative ventures I take on.

What's a dream (large or small) you've wanted to do for a long time? How do you keep motivated so you fulfil your dream?


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