Monday, January 21, 2013

Current obsession: semi-precious gemstones

What a keeper... a real gem! For the past few months I've been in luuurve with semi-precious gemstones. 

Used in jewellery for their great beauty, gemstones also possess many spiritual properties. For centuries many people have kept these stunning minerals close at hand for hopes of gaining emotional and physical healing, good luck and inner harmony. I'm yet to fully explore the associated "power" specific gemstones hold (WIP) but I certainly appreciate their beauty.

What a collection of stunning colours and textures!


A love for gemstones can only lead to one thing... an obsession with gemstone jewellery. At the moment I'm totally "digging" (haha..get it?) rough/natural gemstones set in rustic metals. You can find some amazing pieces on sites such as etsy - my tip would be to search for "gem name' + natural + ring" etc. Below are a few of the beauties I found online x


Rustic Amethyst necklace, Etsy $29
Aquamarine silver bracelet, Toosis $155. This is my favourite item from the above selection. Aquamarine is such a *stunning* stone. It not only reminds me of the ocean but also elegant shards of ice when roughly cut. The unique shaping and metal work make this bracelet really special. I'm in love!
♥ Crystallised sugar studs, Uncommon Goods, SALE $19.99. Not exactly gemstones haha, but these crystallised sugar earrings are mega sweet.
Lucia Mar cocktail ring, Dannijo Sold out :-(

I'm interested to know.. Do if you use gemstones for spiritual purposes? Or just for their beauty? 

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  1. I love the Lucia Mar Cocktail rings!! I'd be too afraid that the gem would pop out though