Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Naturally inspired

Image found via pinterest

Do you have a selection of talented ladies (bloggers, artists, writers) that inspire and ignite your creativity? Me too...but I'll let you in on another lady who is a huge inspiration and a constant muse of mine... Mother Nature. While my work doesn't always reflect the organic nature...of well, nature, I do find myself searching for picturesque scenery (snowy landscapes, forests and mountain tops seem to be my favourite at the moment!) when I'm feel a little creatively drained. Beautiful scenery is so exhilarating.

 When looking at amazing places like this it's hard not to feel revived!

Source, Visit Finland youtube channel

Northern lights (aurora borealis) in Lapland, Finland. Original image source, Visit Finland flickr stream.

Why Nature is a fantastic source of inspiration...
 It's beautiful ♥ A never ending source of seasons and colours  Always changing  Often surprising

Next time you are feeling a little depleted why not use Mother Nature as your muse.. Take colours from your favourite photograph, create a pattern inspired by falling autumn leaves or use motions and strokes that represent different landscapes... Mother Nature can open doors to areas of creativity you may not usually access.

Have you used the natural world around you as inspiration? Feel free to post a comment, I'd love to see what places inspire you! :-)


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