Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Hooker - my new obsession...

I haven't blogged tooooo much about my newest obsession... but if you follow me on twitter or instagram (add me! @luvfromamy) you'll know I am one happy hooker... hang on... saw WHAT?? Yep, you read correctly.. I'm a happy hooker, but don't get too worked up - it just means I am utterly addicted to the lovely art of crochet.

I first learnt to crochet at a local Stitch n Bitch meet up, and have since explored new stitches, tecniques and made a few projects that might tickle your fancy!

Learning the basics from a "Learn to crochet" booklet I purchased from Lincraft.
 Red & blue headband... Self declared Master of the chain stitch!! My first "creation."
 Starlight headband - made from single crochet band and buttons I purchased from my local Spotlight. I really like how this one turned out and it's not too bad for one of my first attempts; I often wear this to work.Photobucket
 Granny square love! One of the first granny squares I made - it's pretty messy but I was really stoked with my progress:-) I used Meet Me At Mikes, Granny Squares 101 video tutorials to learn the basics. 
 My first attempt at crochet flowers... as you can see something is errr... missing? Haha I didn't count correctly so my little flowers were missing a petal!! They still look quite sweet though don't you think?
 A be-dazzled 5 petal flower. AH so this is what they are meant to look like! These flowers have to be my fav, they can be used on so many things and I can't get enough of making these little babies. I made this be-dazzled flower (I adhered hot-fix rhinestones) to go on a headband for my niece's 3rd birthday.
 Mustard and hot pink bow. I love this mustard yarn, it's such a nice colour and very "in" right now. This bow was really easy to make, I'm planning to attach it to a chunky, hot pink double crochet headband.
 I was feeling a little fancy one day and thought I would (attempt to) make a crocheted collar. BOY was I chuffed when it turned out really well! This was my first try at scalloped edging; fairly certain I've found my new fav technique!! Progress shot and the finished result. I'm toying with adding some rhinestones/pearls/beads... what do you think?
 Up until this week I've been using the same affordable (aka cheap Kmart branded) yarn and thought it was time to branch out on some new supplies. I stocked up on bamboo hooks and Panda Magnum soft 8ply yarn (I purchased red relvet, dark grey and white). It's magical to work with, so soft and luxurious!
 Heart - I've wanted to make a heart for aaages but found the patterns a little daunting, but last night I sat down and gave it my best shot! Happy with the results ♥ and the pattern was a lot easier than I thought it would be yippee!!


Hehe not entirely accurate but almost :P haha jk

Are you on ravelry? If so, let's be friends :-) My profile can be found here, I'd love to see what projects you are working on!


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